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What we do?


We generate 100% clean and renewable energy

We have 20 years of experience in the field of renewable energies. We are very committed to the care and conservation of the environment, and therefore we generate the energy that we sell ensuring a sustainable and green business model.


Where are we?

Planea Energía headquarter is in Albacete (Spain) and Planea Energy is registered in Katy, Texas and in Lousiana (USA).


Featured projects


Project Campanario

Location: Bonete, Albacete
Power: 80MW
Hectares of occupied land : 185
Number of photovoltaic trackers : 1.347
Modules: 150.864
Kilometers of wiring: 1.000


Project Manzanares

Location: Manzanares, Ciudad Real
Power: 34MW
Hectares of occupied land : 88
Number of photovoltaic trackers : 675
Modules: 63.224
Meters of wiring: 321.708